"he explores new ideas and sounds on the dance floor"

Berlin based Konstantinos Tassopoulos, AKA Ekkohaus, has been constantly looking for new grooves and exciting frequencies to play and experiment with.This search has led him into a journey beyond borders and cities, beyond language and symbols. A journey where music and ideas are the only passport one needs in order to experience true feelings, unconditional passion, and the power of suggestion.

Ekkohaus had many early affairs with different music styles and genres as has been continuously expanding his sound palette drawing inspiration from the places he has lived and worked, first Greece, then London and now Berlin.

In 2002 he enrolled in a Music Technology course (London College of Music and Media) in order to focus more in the art of sound. He graduated in 2005 (BA Arts) and soon after that he started releasing his music in respected labels such as Morris Audio, Cargo edition, 2020 Vision, Circus Company, Liebe Detail, Brut, and later Moon Harbour, Eklo, Holic Trax and Diaphan, to name a few.

In 2008 Ekkohaus moved to Berlin where he still lives and creates music.
From 2009 he has been collaborating with the Moon Harbour booking agency after a few fruitful releases in Moon Harbour and Sub Label, Cargo Edition.
His appearance in the Slices Publication in 2011 as well as his releases and performances have managed to capture the attention of the international music scene.

In 2013 Ekkohaus released his first acclaimed full length album "Noschool" in Moon Harbour, a modern juxtapose between Old School aesthetic and Nu School approach where he collaborates with musician friend like Santos Resiak (mixing), Robert Wuerz (Saxophone) and John J-Lab (bass). A remix version of "Noschool" was later released by Moon Harbour, featuring remixes by Kerri Chandler, John Dimas, Jesse Rose and Sven Tasnadi. In 2014 Ekkohaus has also been involved with various projects and collaborations with friends such as Rufus (Ekkohaus & Rufus), Kindimmer (Skip Ad) and Moire Patterns (Rough Principles) as well as being part of "Heard", a live hardware jam showcase.

Ekkohaus performs both as a dj since 2001 and live act since 2005, starting as a resident at Hobo in Greece in the early 2000's and later taking over residencies in London (Multivitamins) and Berlin (Strictly no dancing, Timex Club). As a Dj he takes pleasure in mixing other people's music and showcasing his records, while as a Live act he explores new ideas and sounds on the dance floor…

He has performed in various parties and clubs across the globe, such as Fabric, Egg, Lokee, Half Baked (London), Panoramabar, Watergate, Tresor, Klub der Vissionaire, (Berlin), Space, Privillege (Ibiza), Cityfox, Raum, Makarena, Teatre Principal (Barcelona), Batofar, Rex (Paris), Womb (Tokyo), Harry Klein, Cocoon, Studio 80, Hive, Balsaal, Ego, Cityfox and many more…

Soon in a club near you...